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Global Alliance Newsletter  March 2012


From the Chair: Public relations in the age of dialogue
Earlier this month in Dubai, I spoke at an outstanding conference organized by the International Public Relations Association's Gulf Chapter. The location carried considerable symbolism: a great global city, in a region at an extraordinary crossroads between

tradition and modernity, hosting a dialogue about a profession undergoing a similarly profound transition. [Read More]

Inside Association Management at GA's Brazil AGM
The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management will hold a special GA Association Management Workshop, along with its Annual Meeting and South American Regional Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on April 26-27 2012. [Read more]

Call to Carve the Future Landscapes
GA members and practitioners are being asked to help carve the future of the PR Landscapes project, run by the Global Alliance to provide country specific information on what shapes practice in public relations and communication management in different parts of the world. [Read more]

Creating Impact in the Global Reputation Economy
A long hard look at the emerging Reputation Economy is at the heart of the Reputation Institute's 16th International Conference.
One of the first rules of this emerging economy is that while exporting a good reputation is difficult and takes a good deal of purpose and sweat equity over time, exporting a bad reputation has a life of its own and will spread like wildfire whether you like it or not. [Read more]


Interactive Challenges Frame EUPRERA debates
As the doors close on the EUPRERA Spring Symposium, Valérie Carayol, President of EUPRERA, talks with the Global Alliance about some of the issues raised, such as the profile of women working in PR, the impact of social media on the profession and the most challenging innovations in the PR industry. [Read More]

Gifts and Ethics under Scrutiny in Middle East
Gift-giving and enforcement of ethical standards were highlighted as the most pressing moral concerns for the Middle East PR community at this year's Middle East PR Conference, held at the Zayed University's Dubai Media City campus.
What is an appropriate gift? Under which circumstances can it be offered? And who should monitor and penalise offenders who are seeking to subvert the sanctity of the free press? [Read More]

Twitter co-founder to deliver keynote at PRSA International Conference
Recognized as two of the "Most Influential People in the World" by TIME Magazine, Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder, and Tim Westergren, Pandora founder and chief strategy officer, will deliver keynotes at the PRSA Conference in San Francisco this October. [Read More]

PRSA adopts new definition of PR
The Public Relations Society of America has adopted a new definition of public relations. It reads: "Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics." Agreed after a year's research, extensive discussion and nearly 1500 votes, the new definition replaces the 'old' description of public relations last applied by the association in 1982. [Read More]

European Congress Peers into the Future
How to research the future of public relations will be at the centre of this year's EUPRERA Congress in Istanbul in September. Panel discussions at the event will include a look at future skills for European practitioners, examine the outcomes of the ProfCom project, a cross cultural comparative study on self-concepts of public relations professionals and journalists, led by the University of Vienna, Austria. [Read More]

Navigating the Tides of Change in Canada
Intense workshops, expert speakers and advocates for public relations will be guiding lights at the CPRS 'Currents 2012' conference in June, helping delegates navigate their way through the turbulence of professional change. [Read More]

New Zealand Explores Space and Place in Communication
International thought-leaders, community experts, academics and practitioners will explore 'Our Place, Our Space' in at the PRINZ conference in Auckland this May, tackling the concepts of real-world and virtual communities and where they intersect. [Read More]


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