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Global Alliance Newsletter  February 2012


From the Chair: "2012: The Year of Communication without Control"
Time magazine named 'the protester' as its person of the year for 2011 — an insight that foreshadows a challenge for every organization on the planet in 2012: never will it be easier for any David to throw any Goliath off stride, and never will organizations

be more defined by communication they cannot fully control. [Read More]

Back to the Future – Bids open for WPRF 2014
The Global Alliance board is now accepting bids from member associations interested in hosting the Eighth World Public Relations Forum in 2014.
The WPRF is the GA's signature event, at which leaders of our global profession gather for three days of communication, education and inspiration. [Read more]

Professional advocacy takes new direction in wake of GA survey
New directions to determine the role of public relations in today's global society will be taken in the coming weeks, culminating in a statement of value at the World Public Relations Forum in November. [Read more]

Global Alliance heads to Brazil for annual conference and AGM
Leaders of the world's largest public relations associations will assemble in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the end of April for an international conference, the Global Alliance Annual General Meeting and Association Management workshop, all hosted by the Brazilian Association for Business Communication (ABERJE). [Read more]

New research to track global competencies
A research project designed to track professional competencies has been given Global Alliance support. The Massey University (New Zealand) initiative will capture and map trends in public relations and communication practice, skills and aptitudes. [Read more]


Brazil opens its arms in welcome for Global Alliance Annual Meeting
ABERJE is hosting this year's Global Alliance Annual General Meeting on April 26/27. Paulo Nassar, president and managing director of Aberje and a professor at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, gives us a glimpse into the creative, challenging and friendly world of Brazilian practitioners. [Read More]

International PR under the microscope with MEPRA
Practitioners and academics will be head-to-head in March tackling some of the critical communication issues facing Middle East public relations.  Evidenced, practice and research based arguments will be dissected and discussed at the Middle East Public Relations Conference in Dubai. [Read More]

CIPR International goes inside Al Jazeera with Richard Gizbert
To most people, being called the 'Barking Dog' of the Middle East would not necessarily be taken as a badge of honour, especially when the person hurling such abuse in one's direction at the time was none other than former Libyan Leader Colonel  Muammar Gaddafi. [Read More]

Social gets real at European Forum
Top-level strategic advice and insight around how to engage customers, manage brand perceptions, empower employees and open new untapped audiences through diverse social media channels will be available at the Social Media World Forum in Europe March 27-28. [Read More]


World Economic Forum shifts focus to Latin America
Just days before the Global Alliance family assembles in Brazil, the World Economic Forum will be looking at regional transformation as it shifts its focus to Latin America this April. [Read More]

Integrated reporting: transforming organizations
The old days of the financial report being the closed zone of the accountants and the exclusion of much of the rest of the information are coming to a close, says Robert Bruce in his review made at the Roundtable event, 'Towards Integrated Reporting: Communicating Value in the 21st Century', held in London on the 15th December 2011.. [Read More]


 MEPRA Strategic Corporate Communications 1-day Boot Camp   5th EUPRERA Spring Symposium: Web 2.0 in Governmental and NGO Communication in Europe




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