CSR Communication

In 2010 the IE University, in partnership with the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management and in collaboration with IULM and Cambridge University (UK), developed a study on "CSR Communication: Exploring European cross-national differences and tendencies".


The boost to CSR has been underscored by the numerous studies on how companies implement socially oriented principles and strategies. Management practices with regard to CSR have not yet extensively analyzed how companies communicate their social commitment.


The state of the research in this area is poor and addresses mainly the US reality. In order to understand current practices in Europe, the research team investigated the top 251 companies (in terms of highest revenues) in 11 industries from six European countries—namely, Spain, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Italy. It analyzed what is communicated using a content analysis of companies’ social reports (if available), CSR content within companies’ websites, social advertising and presence on web 2.0 related to CSR issues. The research team also interviewed 69 communication or CSR managers within these same companies about their opinions on risks and opportunities in communicating CSR.


Download the study on "CSR Communication".