Global Curriculum

The Global Alliance multi-year research study of PR curriculum around the world found “striking commonalities” as well as complementary variations shaped by each country’s history, politics, economics and social values.


The global study began with an analysis of 218 institutional websites in 39 countries on five continents. Based on this analysis, the researchers undertook in-depth interviews with public relations educators in twenty of the countries.


The research was originated by a Global Alliance commitment in 2007, funded by the Public Relations Society of America Foundation and coordinated by the Commission on Public Relations Education.


Download the Towards a Global Curriculum report (February 2008)

Download the Public Relations Global Curriculum (March 2009)


Educating for Complexity

In 2012, the Global Alliance helped formulate curriculum standards for post graduate level contained in the Educating for complexity Report, a comprehensive review of graduate programs that will serve the profession, the academic institutions that confer graduate degrees in public relations, the students who are enrolled in master’s degree programs in public relations and the organizations that employ these graduates as practitioners or professors.


The goals for this report are:

  • Provide academic standards for master’s-level public relations programs
  • Recommend guidelines for accrediting and certifying bodies for master’s-level public relations education programs
  • Elevate expectations for master’s-level public relations education
  • Recommend standards for educators who teach in public relations graduate programs
  • Engage the public relations industry in support of graduate public relations education


Download the "Educating for Complexity" Report