Research Projects

This section contains research projects that have been undertaken by leading academics with the support and approval of the Global Alliance.


The Country Landscapes

Country Landscapes provide profiles of the social, economic and media context of the countries featured along with details of the structure of the public relations industry, its main activities and hints and tips on practice. This work is led by Dr. Judy VanSlyke Turk and Mark Schumann.



The Massey University Competency Project

The Massey University Competency Project investigates the required capabilities and skills for practitioners in an increasingly complex and global world.



Managing Clarity in Corporate Communication

The importance of clarity in corporate communication, along with the costs associated with unclear and complex messages and the tools to ensure clear communications are the main focus of the Universtity of St. Gallen’s work “Managing Clarity in Corporate Communication”.



CSR Communication

The study on "CSR Communication: Exploring European cross-national differences and tendencies" was developed by the IE School of Communication, in partnership with the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management and in collaboration with IULM and Cambridge University (UK).



Disaster Communication

The study on "Disaster Communication: Lessons from the Asian Tsunami Tragedy" explores an appropriate role for the Global Alliance and the public relations profession when large-scale natural disasters happen.