CPRPA 4th International Public Relations Conference

The 4th International Confernce on Public Relations is the single most important biennial of the sector in Argentina and will have as its main goal to debate about the present and future state of public relations, emphasizing on the need to build bridges to enhance the approach between all social actors through institutional dialogue. The conference will count with the presence of local and regional experienced professionals, as well as well known international speakers such as Anne Gregory, Cees Van Riel, Timothy Coombs, Julia Ortega, Tyler Durham and Carlos Scolari, among others.


The conference intends to create a space in which theory and practical abilities blend in through the experiences and the knowledge of the contestants in subjects such as big data, transmedia narratives, relations between the public and the private sector, the sustainability as an attribute of reputation, and many other subjects in the search for common denominators that can build the foundations for the future exercise of public relations in all forms of possible environments.


The attendance of a professional and diverse public is expected in order to create an open space for dialogue that includes the multiple approaches of international visitors in an environment of absolute companionship. 


For more information, please visit www.cirpargentina.com.ar (in Spanish) or email cirp@rrpp.org.ar.