EUPRERA Annual Congress 2012

Researching the Changing Profession of Public Relations

This year, Euprera’s annual congress will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 20-22, with the theme “The changing profession of public relations”. In recent years, the public relations profession has undergone drastic changes. With increased demands and greater complexity, the meaning of public relations today along with its transformation and change as profession needs to be researched and analyzed.



1. Status and trends of the public relations profession in European countries and regions

  • Perception of public relation as a profession in different countries
  • New tendencies in public relation as a profession in different countries
  • Description of mission differences in public relation profession


2. Comparative public relations research: Methodological challenges, empirical data, case studies

  • New research methods in Public Relations
  • Study cases related to changes in public relations
  • Empirical researches related to changes in public relations


3. Governance of the public relations profession: Standards for education, codes of ethics, role enactment

  • Changing of public relations’ education
  • Need for new ethical codes
  • Roles that public relations experts play


4. New frontiers for the profession: Litigation PR, mediation and dialogue, social media, advising the top management

  • Contribution of public relations to dialog
  • Usage of social media in profession of public relation
  • Mentorship of public relation experts to executives


5. Innovative research in public relations and strategic communication.

  • New approaches to public relations field
  • Researches related to operation process of strategic communication
  • Empirical insights in strategic communication in Europe


The full programme of the congress is now available on the congress website and includes keynote speeches by Joachim Klewes and Philip Kitchen, four key panel sessions, almost 80 papers presented in parallel sessions and the PhD seminar.


For more information, visit the event website.