EUPRERA Annual Congress 2013

Strategic Public Relations. Public Values and Cultural Identity

More and more Public Relations is considered a growing professional field in communication. In a more interactive society organizations need to align their actions with social demands and values. Public Relations’ main role is to seek legitimacy to act and influence opinion makers and public, media and political agenda. In this congress we want to analyse strategies and tools, as well as procedures and indicators for the analysis.

We know we are at a crossroad for our profession as it is facing crucial changes: the existence of new organizational structures better aligned with the social demands; the birth of new techniques to explain the organizations in a more trustworthy manner; the growing pressure by social groups that act as opinion leader against and for values, ideas and identities; and the coexistence of different agendas (public, media and political) depending on the means, fields or types of publics. All in all we’ll have to rethink our roles and functions.


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