.HarbourClub. Symposium 2012


The responsibility of organizations and businesses - from value proposition to reputation


The discussions related to the financial crisis and to the sustainable development clearly show how the expectations of the media and society towards the economy and business have changed.


The original purpose, running a profitable business, is no longer sufficient for a company to have the "license to operate". Businesses should increasingly take on social responsibilities, be committed to the environment, demonstrate a fair competitive behavior on the long run and be accountable for their behavior.


Nowadays the focus is not on the virtues of individuals who lead the companies, or on complying with the formal legal requirements. Corporate responsibility can not rely just on an authority that shows what is right and good: the 21st century requires institutional rules and structures. Furthermore, it's important to conduct an open and participatory dialogue with different stakeholders in order to identify a set of common values that have cross-cultural validity and to involve them in a process of  active engagement.


When a company takes the responsibility for its behaviour it creates the basis for the stakeholders' confidence to grow and  for the development of its reputation, an asset which can influence a company's success.


Exciting presentations and sessions with Swiss Chief Communications Officers, as well as many networking occasions, will take place at the 2012 . HarbourClub. Symposium.


The 2012 .HarbourClub Symposium is scheduled for November 20th at Helsana in Zürich Stettbach (Zürichstrasse 130, Dübendorf).


The theme of the 13th symposium of the .HarbourClub is, "The responsibility of organisations and enterprises (Die Verantwortung von Organisationen und Unternehmen - Vom Werteversprechen zur Reputation)."


The keynote speakers are: Professor Guy Kirsch, University Fribourg; Daniel Schmutz, CEO Helsana; Thomas Kern, CEO Zurich airport; and Edgar Oehler, Arbonia-Forster. In four breakout-sessions communication professionals Markus Fritschi, Nagra; Peter Gysel, Holcim; Christiane Schneider, Ruag and Roman Sidler Geberit will give insights in their daily work.



For more information on the event, the program and registration, visit the HarbourClub website (in German)