MEPRA Awards 2012

Communications in any society is an essential ingredient for social and economic development. In the Middle East the practice of public relations has evolved from press release, conveyor belt function and service extension of advertising to become a more rounded and diverse discipline which can help drive bottom line and achieve strategic objectives for business. With this evolution has come a greater understanding and awareness of the value of communications.


Organisations, both public and private sector alike, have to define who they are in a rapidly changing environment, to a variety of stakeholders namely employees, investors, customers, suppliers, the media and government. Increasingly organisations are seeking the best talents to help them with this task – building in-house teams and retaining agencies. But identifying talent has previously been a challenge given the lack of industry benchmarks or performance tables during the past years of massive growth.


Why enter?


Award programmes can provide an industry guide to top performers. Judged by peers, a credible programme acknowledges the best in class – those practitioners at the top of their game, to whom everyone else aspires. But a credible programme can do more – by winning an award a team is motivated to excellence, is elevated by its peers and attracts business as well as future talent. A winning team means that clients are more willing to invest in you. One of the top ten reasons for an agency to be selected for business is because it is award winning.


The MEPRA Awards are the leading PR awards of the Middle East. Independent, rigorous and fair the MEPRA Awards put public relations on the map. Moreover, the 17 best practice categories, plus  7 team and individual awards highlight the depth and breadth of public relations and recognising achievement from across a range of disciplines including corporate communications, government, consumer relations and B2B.


Awards achieve a number of goals:


  • Peer recognition
  • Professional credibility
  • Benchmark for regional performance
  • Personal and team motivation
  • Acknowledging excellence in best practice leads to improved work standards
  • Act as a drive for growth among winning agencies
  • Demonstrate the value in-house PR teams can add to a business



For more information, visit the Mepra 2012 Awards website.