National Sales & Marketing Congress 2011

Best Practices for Marketing Excellence: Smartest Ideas and Techniques in Practice Today


The drive for competitive advantage in the market amongst companies has over the years become more sophisticated, where companies are required to be more stringent in its marketing and sales approach.

Many organisations are eager to learn and implement best practices. However, simply trying to replicate what works in another organisation is not enough. And what has worked well in the past may not work now. ‘Excellence’ by definition is subjective, and what is judged as excellent now may change over time.

Companies are often being pushed by their stakeholders, especially the customers, to bring products to market that represent good ‘value’ propositions. This demand is where Marketing Excellence comes in; working both more efficiently but above all more effectively to add value to the brand and drive leads and sales. Only by learning the best practices can a company sustain its performance.

The Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) is proud to announce that the third annual national sales and marketing conference will be held this year on 1 & 2 November 2011 in Singapore.


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