PRII Annual Conference 2012

Reputation Management in the Age of Digital

PRII's 2012 Annual Conference will focus on reputation, an asset which is at the heart of the PR and communication profession and which therefore represents a fitting subject in the year the PRII marks the 10th anniversary of its first Annual Conference.


So much has changed, of course, in that short span of time. Could we genuinely have foreseen then the extent to which technological innovations would have disrupted our way of working – how social and digital media, in particular, would have given rise to consumer power and citizen journalist? Or that we would face unprecedented competition from a new wave of competitors?


The race is on to stop PR and communication industry surrendering pole position at the communications table. And Reputation Management in the Age of Digital is designed to show you how.


Featuring top-quality case studies and topics delivered by highly experienced speakers, PRII's 2012 Conference will examine how moving from ‘engineering consent’ to ‘earning trust’ with honest, creative stories that resonate with the communities we want to connect with will guarantee our status as guardians of reputation. 

Participants will also benefit from a helicopter view of the last developments in reputation management and useful insights that will help them harness the power of conversation, along with takeaways on practicable analytic tools to measure and evaluate your strategy.


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