PRINZ Conference 2011

PR - Art or Science?

Is public relations an art or a science? And where does the value of PR lie - in its creativity or in detailed research and analytics? The questions will be debated at PRINZ annul conference from 26-27 May 2011 in Rotorua.

Global perspectives as well as views from leading Kiwis, from within and outside the PR profession will be shared and the exciting line-up of speakers includes Sir Paul Callaghan, 2011 New Zealander of the Year, Dave Gougé, head of marketing, Weta Digital, NZ Rugby Union communications manager Brian Finn, award-winning Canadian marketer and designer Jesse Desjardin, international social media measurement expert Eddie Chau, the' Italian godfather' of public relations Toni Muzi Falconi and YouTube public relations manager Annie Baxter.
The conference aims to generate debate among public relations and communication management practitioners and will also provide plenty of learning opportunities says PRINZ Acting Chief Executive Tim Marshall.

"We'll be looking at where we find value in public relations. Is it in its artistry - the crafted word, the creative inspiration, the intricate network of relationships, personal interaction and influence? Or in its science - the analysis, careful research and detailed observation that provides insight into an organisation and its stakeholders?"
Sir Paul Callaghan will focus on the potential for science and technology entrepreneurialism to diversify New Zealand's economy with a look "Beyond the Farm and the Themepark".

Global marketer and designer, Jesse Desjardins is set to captivate delegates with his unique look at social design. His presentations, including the award winning ‘You Suck at PowerPoint' continue to send a wake-up call that there is no longer a place for mediocrity both online and off.

"A designer by trade, Jesse will show you how he uses social media to build a raving fan base, how to design sociability into your products, websites and content helping your brand spread through social media, and how microblogging services, such as Twitter, are rapidly changing how people consume information," says Tim.

Toni Muzi Falconi will talk about the challenges facing public relations organisations around the world and what the Global Alliance for PR and Communication Management is striving for with the Stockholm Accord, which sets out to define PR practice in 2011, for both practitioners and those who use our services.
There will be social media insights from, among others, YouTube's Annie Baxter and Brandtology's Eddie Chau, political insights from Labour MP Jacinda Arden and Tauranga MP Simon Bridges, and creative insight from David Gougé from five-time Academy award-winning Weta Digital.




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