ProCom Day 2012

Perspective on PR

ProCom – the Finnish Association for Communications Professionals turns 65 this year. Nearly as long have the communications professionals gathered at their main event of the year, the ProCom Day. In 1949 theme of the day was the image of Finland. This year we’re searching for an even broader perspective in our work.


Communications professionals work in a world of multidimensional daily routines. Conceptualizing the essential may sometimes be difficult. Our perspective has to stretch from this day to years from now, from a single employee’s worries to consulting the board. One has to master the helicopter perspective, but, at the same time, be present. In communication tomorrow’s challenges are tackled today.


When anticipating the future it helps to know how we’ve reached this point. History of the communications profession, Century of Public Relations (in Finnish Vuosisata suhdetoimintaa - Yhteisöviestinnän historia Suomessa), is published for the ProCom Day. The renowned Finnish and foreign speakers of the day present the world of changes. What do global economy, environmental crisis, change of values, new communicational tools and networking mean for us communicators?


Registrations are available until May 25, 2012.

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