PRSA Digital Impact Conference 2012

During the past several years, we have witnessed an unparalleled fragmentation of audiences as they have adopted, buzzed about and abandoned social media platforms, tools and networks. Today, the most popular platforms — with users numbering in the hundreds of millions worldwide — are themselves increasingly fragmented, offering a multitude of choices of individual and group activities, such as pages, groups, games and networks. All of this has added to the challenges of effectively communicating to our core audiences. However, the fundamentals of good communication have not changed; we still seek to identify and persuade influencers.


Recognizing their importance, we will emphasize these fundamentals of influence and persuasion at PRSA 2012 Digital Impact Conference, April 2–3 in New York City. Presented in conjunction with the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR) and the PRSA Technology Section, the conference will bring together thought leaders and representatives of platforms, organizations, networks and research to help us think more intelligently about how influence and persuasion change, affect and are affected by social media. We also will examine the following trends:


  • Mobile Communications. How do you identify and persuade influencers in the age of applications, geofencing and other new mobile techniques?
  • Big Data. How will the coming tsunami of data from electronically-connected objects, sensors and people change who the influencers are, and how can you effectively persuade them to action?
  • Platform Overload and Social Media Fatigue. How do you choose the platform or network that works best for your objectives and keep the buzz going over time, and how do you leave them gracefully?
  • Elections, Economic Crisis and Unparallelel Political and Social Changes. How can you influence, persuade and move people to action, and what can brands learn from the latest research and case studies?
  • What We Are Learning About the Brain and How We Are Persuaded to Make Decisions. What important things can research from the fields of behavioral economics and neuromarketing teach us?


Join us for the conference and gain insights from great thinkers and doers who will give you strategic ideas and practical tools you can put to use immediately. Also, network with other professionals in new and innovative ways — more details coming soon.

We hope to see you in April 2012!