PRSA Digital Impact Conference 2013

Make a digital impact as soon as you return to the office with practical techniques and strategic online approaches from the PRSA Digital Impact Conference,"Social Business: Strategies for Success." 
With more than 30 sessions, the Digital Impact program helps you invest your time directly into your organization's bottom line.


What can you expect to learn at this year's conference?


  • Tap into the power of search engines.
  • Maximize media and content studios.
  • Learn about the newest social machines.
  • See the crisis responses driving connectivity.
  • Leverage 3-D content mapping.
  • Make mobile more integrated.
  • Build business with quantitative insights.
  • Find the digital tech energizing customers.
  • Get insight on social media legal boundaries.
  • Increase your team's digital literacy.
  • Incorporate photos, videos and infographics into your strategy.


Looking for more specific insight? Check out programming from Digital Impact's three tracks:

  • Track 1: Social Business: Strategies for social business practices, eCommerce, current research, case study results, and how to apply best practices.
  • Track 2: Strategies and Innovations: Programs that incorporate new ideas, trends and/or suggest future approaches and technologies.
  • Track 3: HyperConnections: Approaches addressing the complexities of hyperconnection in the evolving online environment.


For more information, visit the Digital Impact Conference website