Reputation Institute 16th International Conference

Going Global in the Reputation Economy


Winning market share in foreign markets. Aligning a global workforce. Competing with strong local players. Those are key objectives for companies as they fight for growth and success. But what does it take to go global in the reputation economy? How can you create a strong emotional connection with consumers, regulators, opinion leaders on the other side of the world? Miles away from your home town where neighbors know you and support you even if you are faced with a crisis. Local stakeholders know what they want from you, and they want it their way—not your way. What works in your home market will probably not work even in a neighboring country, but almost definitely not a continent away.


Even the top 10 companies with the strongest corporate reputations across 15 countries are closer to the beginning of their global reputation journeys than the end. Stakeholders of all shapes and sizes are more empowered than ever before, and consumers are making better-informed decisions and deciding to deal with your company—or not—based on new rules and criteria that surely didn't originate from your internal definitions of what success used to look like around the corner.


One of the first rules of the emerging reputation economy is that while exporting a good reputation is hard and takes a good deal of purpose and sweat equity over time, exporting a bad reputation has a life of its own and will spread like wildfire whether you like it or not.


The conference theme of this year invites both practitioners and thought-leaders to join us in presentations and discussions on how organizations can better leverage multi-stakeholder relationships around the globe to drive better business outcomes.



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