Reputation Institute Global Annual Conference 2013

"The Reputation Journey: From exploration to business impact"

The consequences (and opportunities) in todays’ Reputation Economy – a marketplace where empowered groups around the corner, and increasingly around the world, vote in real-time with their wallets and their support – are both real and measurable. And by measurable, we are talking about more than social media “likes”, followers, and impressions: it is about predicting and driving real business impact. From new market expansion to customer churn, from purchase consideration to product recommendation; the reality is, support is given (and taken away) based on perceptions of these companies themselves, not their latest product’s features and benefits.


According to Reputation Institute’s 2012 Chief Reputation Officer Study (300 global senior executives), 8 in 10 multinational companies are still in the early phases of their reputation journey.


This year’s conference theme invites senior executives – both the 80% and the 20% – to join us in discussions and presentations focusing on how companies can better navigate this new marketplace paradigm, where success means commercial success. The conference will provide direct-access to the stories of change behind these advanced companies, and applicable teachings from leaders focused on “return on reputation” as described by dollars and euros, not just media impressions or research findings.

The conference will take place on June 5-7, in Barcelona, Spain.


With more than 20 breakout sessions, the following themes will be explored (among others):

  • Becoming a “Category of One” Through Active Reputation Management
  • Reputation KPIs as Leading Indicator of Sales: A CEO Perspective
  • How Predictive Analytics Help Senior Management Understand Stakeholder Responses Beyond Customers
  • Building Return on Reputation (ROR) and Priority Investment Pathways (PIP) Models
  • How Leadership Accountability for Reputation Goals Works In The Real World
  • How A Systematic Approach To Stakeholder Management Paid Off on Three Continents
  • Implementing Reputation Management: Best Practices From The Front Lines After The 2008-09 Financial Crisis
  • Understanding the Reputation Impact of Supply Chains on Multinational Companies
  • Business Risk & Its Impact on Reputation


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