Who has seen the future? - global multi-national benchmarking study

PRINZ Event with Jean Valin, Fellow CPRS

Find out what leading companies such as Philips, Allianz, Novo Nordisk and Petrobras do well and why these were some of the multi-national companies chosen as part of a benchmarking exercise led by Jean Valin APR, Fellow CPRS and John Paluszek APR Fellow PRSA. Jean Valin APR Fellow CPRS, a founding member of the Global Alliance will be in Auckland on March 6 to discuss trends observed with leading organizations.


'Who has seen the future?' is the title of this study done for the benefit of the Global Alliance and more specifically to guide the transformation of the public relations function at Enel, Italy's largest energy producing company and a multi-national company with interests in Europe, South America and Russia.


Arrive at 8am for an 8.15am start. Breakfast included and tea available. Place a barista coffee order here.


About Jean Valin APR, Fellow CPRS

Jean Valin founded Valin Strategic Communications after a thirty year career as a senior communication executive. He has advised senior officials and ministers of the Government of Canada on communication matters throughout his career.


He worked on several high profile national issues such as the gun control program, anti-terrorism and organized crime legislation, same sex marriage legislation, the launch of Service Canada-Canada’s one-stop for all government services - as well as transportation policy for air, road and marine safety and security issues. 


For more information and to register your participation, visit PRINZ website

For more information on the "Who has seen the future" report, visit the Excellence in Corporate PR microsite.