International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)

International Association of Business Communicators
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IABC enables a global network of communicators working in diverse industries and disciplines to identify, share and apply the world's most effective communication practices.


Because hundreds of thousands of business communicators worldwide engage in activities that affect the lives of millions of people, and because this power carries with it significant social responsibilities, the International Association of Business Communicators developed the Code of Ethics for Professional Communicators.

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The International Association of Business Communicators provides a professional network of more than 16,000 business communication professionals in over 70 countries. Our members hold positions in:

  • Public relations/Media relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Public affairs
  • Investor relations
  • Government relations
  • Marketing communication
  • Community relations
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Training
  • Advertising
  • Video production
  • Graphic design
  • Human resources
  • Teaching


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IABC's professional credential program recognizing communicators who have reached a globally accepted standard of knowledge and proficiency in their chosen field. Candidates meeting the requirements of the program earn the designation Accredited Business Communicator (ABC).

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IABC began in 1970 as a merger between the American Association of Industrial Editors and the International Council of Industrial Editors. Corporate Communicators Canada joined IABC in 1974. In its first year of operation, IABC had 2,280 members and a budget of approximately U.S. $100,000. Since then, IABC's membership has grown to more than 16,000 worldwide with an annual operating budget of U.S. $5.1 million.