ProCom - Viestinnan ammattilaiset ry (ProCom)

The Finnish Association of Communication Professionals
Kalevankatu 30, 7th Floor
+358 9 135 7775
+358 9 135 6394
Organization’s profile 

ProCom is a co-operation organization, the promise is to promote and preserve the professional development of its members and to consolidate the position of communication as a field in Finland.


The ethics applied in Finland are based on the Global Alliance Melbourne Mandate, GA Stockholm Accords, Code of Athens and the Lisbon Statement. The Ethics applied to Finnish communication landscape can be found on ProCom's web pages.


ProCom has currently 2700 members comprising communication coordinators/officers/managers/advisors/directors/ as well as entrepreneurs and consultants.


The people seeking membership fill in a registration form. They are required to work within organizational communications or PR or within research, coaching or training. The membership is approved by the Board of Directors.


ProCom is the one of the oldest communications association in Europe with roots going back to 1947. Its predecessors were Propaganda Union (1937), Tiedotusmiehet (1947) and the Association of Finland's Employee Magazines (1955). Peace time associations merged under the name Suomen Tiedottajien Liitto (StiL) in 1978. The Finnish Association of Communications Professionals ProCom name was adopted 2004.
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ProCom organizes annually 90 training or networking events. The main PR networking event is the ProCom Day in June (since 1949). ProCom organizes also competitions and grants awards for the best communication campaigns, individuals and best communication products.