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‘Who has seen the future?' New study on corporate performance in today’s interactive society to be presented at WPRF

September 19, 2012


A year-long study into how well corporations around the world are adapting to today’s fast-evolving, interdependent and interactive society will be highlighted and discussed at the WPRF in Melbourne.

The study, “Who Has Seen The Future?”, sponsored by Enel and developed by two past chairs of The Global Alliance, presents examples of best practices from nine multinational corporations as well as relevant findings from four recent in-depth international studies. It also analyses the relevance of public relations accreditation standards to corporate criteria for high performance in external relations. 

A panel of representatives from companies participating in the study, including Emilio Galli-Zugaro of Allianz and Andre Manning of Philips, will describe their companies’ commitments to initiatives including social media, measurement, corporate social responsibility/sustainability and organization for global consistency. The panel will be moderated by the study authors, Global Alliance past chairs Jean Valin and John Paluszek.

‘Who has seen the future?’ is both a compelling read and a provocative question for the a global panel and audience at the World Public Relations Forum,” said Global Alliance chair Daniel Tisch. “The study and the panel also signal the Global Alliance’s increasing service to the global corporate communications audience.”


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