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Asia Rising - Conference Report

April 11, 2011



The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management was a conference co-sponsor and Sukanti Ghosh, a Post-graduate of the University of Lugano, MSCom program and recipient of a Global Alliance MSCom Scholarship was a featured panelist; Mr. Ghosh is managing director, India, Apco India


These are among the many important insights delivered by "Asia Rising" speakers:

  • PAA Survey
      - Government relations is the most important service
      - Asia is changing rapidly from "The Factory to the Supermarket of the World
      - Asian countries are not homogenous approach service on a country by country basis
      - Outcomes take longer manage expectations
      - Talent is in short supply
  • Local/state governments can be quite powerful.
  • In the Indian legislature a bill proposes that 2% of corporate profits be devoted to CSR.
  • In some countries, policy is made by ministerial decree.
  • Corruption and lack of transparency must be avoided at all costs.
  • Development projects can raise public affairs issues (such as airport expansion/aircraft noise resisted by local community).


The "Asia Rising" conference is one of several facets of the cooperative agreement between PublicAffairsAsia and The Global Alliance


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