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From the Chair: In celebration of collaboration

September 5, 2012


Living and working very close to the United States as I do, it’s fascinating to watch the great exercise in framing, messaging and public relations underway in the world’s most closely watched national election campaign. If there’s one universal reality in the world today, it’s the formidable challenge facing leaders of politics, business and civil society at a time of economic uncertainty and social upheaval, as they face anxious and often angry publics armed with unprecedented access to communication power.


While public relations and communication management professionals hold many different world views, our common vision is to strengthen relationships between organizations and their audiences. To be successful in helping our clients be effective competitors, within our industry we must often be effective collaborators.


2012 has been a banner year for collaborations within our global community of communicators. Here are just a few exciting ones happening right now:


  • The Global Alliance is engaging senior practitioners and academics around the world to develop the Melbourne Mandate for Global Communication, which is exploring the role and value of our profession in defining organizational character, creating a culture of listening and engagement and understanding personal, organizational and professional responsibility.
  • The Melbourne Mandate is part of a compelling program planned for the Seventh World Public Relations Forum. World leaders in communication will convene in Australia this November to share insights on how communication is changing our world, and how communication itself must change as a consequence. It will be a conference of many firsts, including both the GA’s first academic research colloquium and our first ‘summit’ of association leaders.
  • The International Integrated Reporting Council continues to work toward a new model for corporate reporting that demonstrates the linkages between an organization’s strategy, governance and financial performance and the social, environmental and economic context within which it operates. The GA is proud to participate in the working group developing the framework; this reflects the critical role of public relations and communication in effective, transparent corporate reporting.
  • A new Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards has released Proposed Interim Standards for Metrics in Traditional Media Analysis for public comment. With near-universal agreement that the clarity, consistency and credibility of measurement systems are critical to the future of our profession, this work holds tremendous promise.
  • Collaboration between educators and practitioners continues to generate new knowledge. One example is the recent publication of a profile of PR in China – the latest in the GA’s Landscapes series profiling the practice of public relations in countries around the world.


These are just a few examples of the rising number of collaborations within our industry. Collectively, such initiatives speak to all dimensions of the GA’s mission: raising standards, sharing knowledge, enabling advocacy for public relations, and strengthening our global professional community.


I hope you find these stories as compelling as I do, and as persuasive in demonstrating the value of collaboration within our profession. Even when the stakes aren’t as high as they are in a presidential campaign, this collaboration can only benefit the organizations we serve.



Daniel Tisch, APR, Fellow CPRS

Chair, Global Alliance