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Corpore Public Relations from Estonia won the Baltic PR Award 2011 with "Electrolux VIP Dog Party"

July 15, 2011


The award has been handed over to Aleksandra Moorast of Corpore by head of the Baltic PR Awards 2011 jury Mr. Richard Linning, the 2011 president of the International Public Relations Association. Works were submitted to the competition in ten categories, Corpore's project was the only campaign from Estonia to win the grand prix of Baltic PR Awards 2011.

Electrolux VIP Dog Party - Dogs on the Red Carpet was a consumer relations project in support of the brand and particularly the floor care line, introducing the special Electrolux vacuum cleaners for pet owners designed to clean the hair of the dogs and cats. For the first time ever in Estonian corporate history a company not specializing on products for pets regarded the pet owners as a separate consumers' group.

Project case study by Aleksandra Moorast:

The event was held on June 5th, 2010, from noon until approx 5pm as a part of traditional Tallinn Old City Days in the program of Tallinn New City Days festival in the centre of Tallinn on Rotermann square. There we booked our own area to present the floor care line and hold the glamorous entertainment-charity event.

Ideas for the event were following: dogs are also city citizens and deserve the same treatment as people - if there are VIP-parties and charity events for humans, why not organize one for dogs? Our objective was to show Electrolux as the company that brings cleanness to the city and homes, thus supporting dog owners and the dog shelter. Dog owners coming to the event could bring old dog carpets that we cleaned with Electrolux vacuum cleaners and donated to the dog shelter where dogs are uncomfortable sleeping on the concrete. Guests also could make money donations for the dog shelter.

For the event Electrolux has partnered with UnitedDogs aka "Facebook for the dogs", the world's largest social network for dogs and their owners headquartered in Estonia. We created a website for the event and held a month-long social media and online promotion campaign prior to the event (UnitedDogs, Facebook, Twitter), during which a newsletter was distributed to 28 000 Estonian UnitedDogs users who got an invitation to the event and got educated about the brand and the floor care line, hundreds of people participated in the virtual vacuum-cleaner game on UnitedDogs website, the picture of Electrolux UltraOne will now forever stay on thousands of accounts on UnitedDogs. On the day of our party, an international pedigree dog show was held in Tallinn, so we decided to challenge that event thanks to our "no-discrimination policy" - inviting any dog that wanted to join our fun, regardless of the breed or pedigree.

The event itself included (in addition to Electrolux floor care line presentations): dogs arrival via red carpet, dog fashion shows where dogs of all sizes and breeds had an opportunity to shine as models wearing Estonian dog clothes designers' creations (after each show the red carpet runway was cleaned with special Electrolux vacuum cleaners for pet owners); dog dance competitions; photo studio for the dogs and owners with big Electrolux logo on the background, so that now Electrolux logo will live in all dog owners' photo albums (the photos have been produced and distributed on the spot); Electrolux souvenirs distribution; different competitions for smart and sporty dogs and their owners; exclusive massage, SPA and beauty salon for the dogs, where all pets could get a free manicure, pedicure, haircut and a relaxing massage; professional pet doctor and trainer consultations; dog psychologist, etc, etc.

Prior to and during the event we held a PR campaign which brought us substantial media coverage, including print, online media, as well as 3 Estonian TV stations covering our event in their evening news programs (that is as good as it gets in Estonian media) and even the Chinese news agency Xinhua paid us a visit. The branding was outstanding - Electrolux logo and floor care line were present at all angles, and got into practically all visual coverage. The event was a huge success and a real magnet for the Tallinn locals and visitors. Electrolux established itself as a pet-friendly charitable organization that cares for our city and its animal citizens - both with and without a home. We also gathered a certain amount of aid for the dog shelter. Due to popular demand, Electrolux Estonia is now pondering the idea of holding the VIP Dog Party on a regular basis; powered by Estonian success the Latvian colleagues plan to host a similar event in the foreseeable future.


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