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Expansion of Emerging Integrated Reporting Database Begins

January 17, 2013


Further examples of Integrated Reporting are coming to the fore as the IIRC examines recent reports and expands on the Emerging <IR> Database in order to share these innovations with others. In January, in order to provide more extensive practical help to businesses, the Black Sun and the IIRC will commence an on-going process of updating the Emerging <IR> Database. This tool, which was launched in September 2012, showcases emerging practices and demonstrates how the businesses included in the Database are applying the Guiding Principles and Content Elements of Integrated Reporting. The Database has been based on the principles outlined in the IIRC’s 2011 Discussion Paper, however, over the next few months the examples will be re-categorized in accordance to the Prototype of the International <IR> Framework. It is intended that businesses will use the Database in conjunction with the Prototype Framework and soon-to-be-released background papers on capitals, materiality, connectivity, business model and value. The Database has been created by Black Sun PLC in collaboration with the IIRC.


One user has said: “the examples really bring the <IR> principles to life. It was exactly the practical guidance we needed. Integrating financial and extra financial information is helping us demonstrate the long-term viability of our business model and strategy and better meet the needs of investors and other stakeholders.”


IIRC Communications Director Jonathan Labrey said, “Our aim is to improve the quality of corporate reporting. The Database helps to translate the concepts of <IR> into reality and we are thrilled that 4100 people have visited the database since its launch.”


The extracts in the database which are chosen from publicly available reports, include those written by organizations in the IIRC’s Pilot Programme.


Visit the Examples Database


Source: the IIRC newsletter