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The GA Sponsorship and Advertising Partnership Plan

April 13, 2012


Members of the Global Alliance (GA) have a unique opportunity to generate income at the same time they support the Global Alliance. Under the GA Sponsorship and Advertising Plan, members can help identify sponsors and advertisers who wish to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Global Alliance, and earn a commission on payments made to the Global Alliance by sponsors and advertisers.


Who is eligible?  All members of the Global Alliance in good standing.


How much can members earn?  Members can earn 25% of the amounts paid by sponsors and advertisers to the Global Alliance.


How Does the Plan Work?


  • First, Global Alliance members should familiarize themselves with the sponsorship and advertising possibilities offered by the Global Alliance by reviewing the Sponsorship Dossier.


  • Second, Global Alliance members should identify potential partners in their area who may be interested in GA sponsorships or partnerships, and discuss the possibility of a partnership or sponsorship to gauge interest. This may be an opportunity to offer additional value to your current sponsors – by helping them extend their reach to the global level – or a chance to engage new sponsors for mutual benefit.


  • Once interest has been confirmed, put the potential sponsor/advertiser in touch with the Global Alliance staff (elena.bernasconi(at) who will finalize the transaction including the terms, the deliverables and the written agreement.


  • Fourth, upon payment of the agreed-upon fees the Global Alliance member will be paid 25% of the amounts collected by the Global Alliance.



Are there any limitations? Of course, existing agreements already in place with the Global Alliance are not eligible. The overall Global Alliance commission plan is subject to review each year, and may be discontinued at any point by the Global Alliance, although all commitments made upon the plan’s termination will be honored. Commissions are calculated upon net amounts received by the Global Alliance, less any taxes, currency exchange costs or other fees. And finally, commissions are payable upon receipt by the GA of monies due from sponsors and advertisers.


Questions?  Direct any questions regarding this plan to: elena.bernasconi(at)