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Global 'PR for PR' Gets Underway: Stockholm Accords Gain Traction Around the World

September 20, 2010


More than twelve countries have begun the process of implementation, involving the examination, application and extension of the Accords which articulate the critical importance of professional public relations in organisational and societal success.

Developed by hundreds of public relations practitioners and academics worldwide as part of an unprecedented multi-channel collaboration under the stewardship of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, the Accords were affirmed at the World Public Relations Forum held in Stockholm in June.

The Global Alliance website ( now hosts a live Accords Hub with participants using the Hub to report the discussion, adaptation and application of Accords principles across a spectrum of organizations, political, economic and cultural environments.

"In developing ‘The Accords'", explains Toni Muzi Falconi, coordinator of the programme and founding Chair of the Global Alliance (2002/3), "we undertook a task that, although some might have called it naïve or arrogant, is absolutely necessary. That task was to propose a concept and supporting documentation that demonstrates the absolute necessity of dialogue between organisations and their stakeholders in contemporary society.

" In just a few weeks since the World Public Relations Forum," Muzi Falconi continues, "we now see lively discussion on how best to do this in an array of idioms and systems in countries ranging from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Italy along with strong expressions of interest from Albania, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine and Serbia. We are confident that similar activity will begin in many more countries."

John Paluszek, Chair of The Global Alliance, has indicated that the organization will continue as "steward" of the Accords development and application." We are pleased with the very promising ‘traction' the "Accords" have already achieved", he said. "This is arguably reflective of the growing global need and interest in dialogue between organisations and their stakeholders and, as a scalable concept, reciprocal relationships between nations and cultures."


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John Paluszek
Global Alliance Chair