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Moving on: the world of public relations never sleeps or stands still. New GA Chair shares her priorities for the next two years

July 30, 2013


To say we live in a global world is a truism, but the truth of that statement becomes more real every day. Most public relations professional now wake up to dozens of emails, texts and social media messages and prompts from around the world. It’s exciting and also slightly scary, but the opportunity for us is huge. More than ever the leaders of organisations are turning to us for help to interpret the complexity that is now a part of everyday business life.  


Our response has to be that we become more and more literate in what is going on around and within our organisations and that we ‘up our game’ to become the rounded and informed counsellors our organisations need. What a time to become Chair of the Global Alliance! It’s my great privilege and pleasure to serve you along with the new Board who were elected at our AGM in July.


I am so grateful to previous Chair Daniel Tisch has who led the Global Alliance for the last two years. He has worked unstintingly to develop the services that GA can now offer to its members and has moved us on to a different level. 

Dan listed some of the initiatives he has fostered in the last newsletter and it’s now my task to take these forwards and to continue to respond to the needs of the global public relations community. My own priorities for this next two years are to:

  • move the Global Alliance beyond reflections about our role in organisations to considering how we can make a difference in addressing some of the large challenges facing our world. We have done some seminal work through the Stockholm Accords and the Melbourne Mandate to demonstrate how we can add value to organisations, but we have done less work to date on the broader role of public relations in society. It’s time for us to fill that gap.
  • strengthen our work in those parts of the world where public relations is an emerging discipline. There are areas where public relations is developing, sometimes very rapidly, as a profession, for example in Asia, Latin America and parts of Africa. The Global Alliance is well placed to help and we want to work in those continents particularly so that we can share our collective experience and expertise in growing professional associations. An example is that we have recently been asked if we can help set up a professional association in Vietnam.
  • be an Alliance for all our members. Inevitably the larger associations with more resources and with English as their first language find that they are able to participate in the work of the Global Alliance most actively. That is not to say that some smaller associations don’t, but I am aware that not all can. I want to develop the services and resources that we provide for smaller associations, so they can play their full part in demonstrating the richness and value of our profession around the world.


Besides these priories, I’ll mention just three other initiatives that we will be carrying forwards and which will be of value to all our members. In response to requests from GA members, later this year we will be launching our Global Survey in conjunction with the Strategic Communication and Public Relations Center of the University of Southern California – look out for an announcement about which countries will be in our inaugural pilot survey. This will provide global benchmarking and trend data for the progression worldwide.


Our work with the International Integrated Reporting Council will continue as the framework of the new form of Corporate Reporting is formally launched in November 2013. This represents a huge opportunity for public relations professionals to be at the heart of corporate reporting with integrity.


We will also celebrate our Comm Prix Awards for those campaigns and activities that have won national awards of excellence. This will enable us to showcase the very best of public relations work around the world and we will be developing a set of case studies which can be used by practitioners and academics demonstrating best-practice principles.


It’s going to be a very busy two years and I look forwards to working with the Board and all of you to serve the profession and to move it forwards.