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Navigating the Tides of Change in Canada

March 23, 2012


Intense workshops, expert speakers and advocates for public relations will be guiding lights at the CPRS ‘Currents 2012’ conference in June, helping delegates navigate their way through the turbulence of professional change.


Canada’s premier public relations and communications conference, organized by the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS), will be held this June on Canada’s west coast in Victoria, British Columbia.


Held every year in a different city across Canada the three-day experience runs from June 10-12.


As an advocate for the public relations and communications industry, CPRS wants to advance the profession by helping delegates enhance their career by offering them more than 20 professional development workshops. These workshops will cover an array of topics that include ethics and crisis communications, internal communications, trends in communications and social media.


Following the opening ceremonies of the conference, five CPRS members who have made exceptional contributions to the profession and are proven leaders in public relations and communications will be inducted into the CPRS College of Fellows during the annual College of Fellows Luncheon. Newly accredited in public relations (APR) members of CPRS will also be recognized by the Society at Currents 2012. 


Currents 2012 will offer several Society-themed workshop sessions that focus on informing members about professional accreditation (APR), career mentoring with CPRS Fellows and media relations measurement (MRP). The CPRS National Council on Education will host the second annual CPRS Poster Session. Public relations educators, graduate students and industry practitioners will present innovative research in the field of public relations and communications.


Aside from attending conference workshops and keynote presentations, delegates will spend their time taking part in planned social activities with fellow practitioners. In a profession as connected as public relations, Currents 2012 will provide a unique opportunity for delegates to strengthen old relationships and develop new ones with professionals throughout the industry. 


Although the marketplace is changing as quickly as the tides, delegates will leave Currents 2012 with the ability to continue steering their careers in the right direction.



To find out more, visit the Currents 2012 website.