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New from the Global Alliance – Public Relations in China “Landscape” study launched: highlights evolving practice

July 18, 2012


Chinaone of today’s most promising, yet challenging, markets for the practice of public relations – is the subject of the latest in the GA series of comprehensive “Landscape” studies of public relations in countries around the world.        


“It’s an exciting time to be a public relations practitioner in China”, authors of the new “Landscape” proclaim at the outset of their study report – and then support and document that assertion with a host of newly-mined data on public relations professional associations, counseling firms, educational institutions and the “media landscape” in China.


More broadly, the China “Landscape” also presents the rapidly evolving national context for public relations practice in China by briefly summarizing the nation’s economy, government, culture and demographic/geographic profile.


The new China “Landscape” was developed by a select cohort of graduate students in the Strategic Public Relations master’s degree program at Virginia Commonwealth University under the direction of V.C.U. Professor Dr. Judy Van Slyke Turk and Instructor Pia Mara Finkell.


“This study,” Dr. Van Slyke said,” represents the rare opportunity for public relations students to link with professionals in a very fruitful outcome for the profession. Educators and practitioners might well look for other such opportunities, especially in international public relations – and, most appropriately, through Global Alliance ‘good offices’ and resources.”


GA Chair Daniel Tisch, is supportive: “The Landscapes series, under the supervision of Dr. Juan Carlos Molleda of the University of Florida, has been one of the most popular GA offerings for a decade.


“The GA Board has now decided to push the ‘refresh button’ on this favorite provision with a new survey of the membership to determine the most valuable elements of these studies and has launched a new series of ‘Landscapes’ which will begin to appear later this year. We’re grateful to the V.C.U. faculty and students for their truly impressive efforts in this GA service to the global public relations profession.”



To review the new China “Landscape” go to: