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New research to track global competencies

February 23, 2012


A research project designed to track professional competencies has been given Global Alliance support. The Massey University (New Zealand) initiative will capture and map trends in public relations and communication practice, skills and aptitudes. Practitioners from around the world are invited to take part through the International Competency Profile website


Massey University’s Margaret Brunton said: “The website will capture valuable stakeholder data in three key areas – the competencies that are important to practice, critical incidents that occur in the workplace and how practitioners rate the competency of others in their profession.  The website will record changing trends over time and present these changes live as soon as they are recorded. In addition, every six months a full report of a formal data analysis will be posted on the website, providing valuable and timely information about the ways in which practice is evolving over time and location.”


This website is based on an earlier research project with the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand which was designed to identify competencies in the NZ workplace.


The International Competency Profile


This survey has evolved from the results of work by a team of researchers interested in understanding what makes competent practitioners in this industry. The original study was funded by a grant from the Massey University Research Fund and the results have been published in PR Review, the Journal of Vocational Training & Education.


If you would like to know more about the study or this project this please contact the project leaders:


Dr Lynn Jeffrey

Phone: + 64 9 4140 800 ext 9282


Dr Margaret Brunton

Phone: +64 9 4140 800 ext 9223