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News Roundup From GA's Newest Member (SPRA Shanghai)

April 6, 2011


Code of Business Practice

The Code, signed by representatives of nine international public relations firms doing business in China, articulates ethical business practices these firms have instituted with their suppliers. The Code prologue:

"To promote the continued healthy and sustainable development of the public relations community in China, we the undersigned, as leading public relations industry players (hereafter referred to as "Companies"), collectively call on all the service providers in the industry to pledge to subscribe to the following Code of Business Conduct (hereafter referred to as "Code of Conduct ) in the course of providing service to clients and any other activities. Companies and employees shall refuse to undertake work that requires us to compromise the principles of the Code of Conduct."

Six specific statements of expected business ethical behavior follow the prologue.


Awards:  Shanghai Excellent Public Relations Cases Histories

This biennial awards program has been held five times since 2001. Awards are based on the distinctiveness of creativity in the case histories, the extent of planning, the preciseness of implementation and the degree of far-reaching outcomes. The Gold Award and a number of individual awards are selected by experts from universities, media and leading enterprises. Books of the best cases are published each year.

Case histories are supplied by Fortune 500 companies, leading PR companies, government organizations, social groups, network companies and the media.

The awards reflect the growing sense of social responsibility of Chinese enterprises and social organizations as well as the increasing involvement of public relations in major issues and in advancing social progress.


International Public Relations Forum

The SPRA biennial International Public Relations Forum has been held six times since 2001.The Forum topics have ranged from "Public relations strategy in economic globalization era" to "The value of public relations in China's accession to WTO"; and from "Crisis management" to "Multi-culture and public relations". Some 300 representatives have attended each Forum from USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong and various regions of the China mainland. Each Forum has advanced China's public relations industry towards further specialization, standardization and internationalization.


IABC Accreditation

IABC's professional credential program was introduced in China by SPRA in 2007. The program brought international professional evaluation standards for business communication industry in China, also promoted communication between Chinese business communicators and international peers. During the first three years, sixteen participants have been awarded "International Accredited Business Communicator" through training and examination.


Public Relations Salon

The monthly SPRA Salon is a communications platform for senior members that has been held fifty-four times. Senior professionals share their experience and knowledge on "hot" hot issues that have, could, or will affect the public relations industry.


Growth, Composition of SPRA membership

In recent years, SPRA has intensified efforts to develop and serve members. The latest membership report indicates that increasingly, leading companies and senior practitioners have joined the Association; currently, SPRA has 80 director units, more than 100 member units and 179 individual members.


Future Development Objectives

Shanghai Public Relations Association will continue its efforts to advance the specialization, standardization and international reach. This commitment, including training for high-end professionals, will better enable the industry to provide important strategic counsel to many kinds of organizations with an  SPRA  emphasis on global economic cooperation.


About SPRA

SPRA, established in 1986 is the first PR industry organisation in China. The association aims to provide the platform of information exchanging, communication improvement, relationship build up and cooperation strengthening not only for local communities but also for the multinational companies. Under the tenure of SPRA, advanced PR professional skills and theories have been brought into the local professionals society.