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The Stockholm Accords: Now What? CIPR Inside

August 3, 2010


It is a rallying call for the global PR community to commit to work to some code of practice. The aim is to "administer its principles on a sustained basis and to affirm them throughout the profession, as well as to management and other relevant stakeholder groups".

In short, those who have gathered have created a model suggesting that if we coordinate all communication, then we have a sound basis for management, the basis for communicating internally, which gives us the basis for communicating externally which then provides the basis for governance and social responsibility. They also suggest that by doing all of these things correctly, we will achieve organizational sustainability. In short, public relations, through holistic stakeholder management, can ensure that organizations adapt and endure, largely through listening and responding.

Interestingly, the Accords give prominence to internal communication and communication from the inside out and outside in. Surprisingly perhaps, 2 of the 6 Accords are about Internal Communication.

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