Entry Guidelines


Please make sure your entry meets the following basic criteria:


  • the programme should have been completed before the entry is submitted and it should have been conducted in 2015 or 2014. This does not apply to academic case studies.


  • ensure your entry is submitted as a PDF document, (MAX 18 MB) typed in no less than 10 point font, with margins on pages not exceeding a half an inch/1.3 cm (not including headers and footers).


  • you should submit separate files:
    • for public relations and communication management programs:
      • the original entry that won a prior GA member award scheme
      • a one-page COMM PRIX summary that explains how the programme advanced the essential relationships involved. For more information, download the summary guidelines.
    • for academic case studies:
      • a narrative case study written in English. Please note that there is no limit to the number of pages.
      • a teaching note written in English.


  • you may designate portions of your work as confidential. These portions will be removed from winning submissions prior to the publication on the Global Alliance website and other Global Alliance platforms.


  • ensure you have all the necessary permission of third parties to submit the entry to the Global Alliance COMM PRIX Awards and that your work complies with the ethical standards of the profession, as embodied in the GA Code of Ethics.


Receipt of entries and payments will be acknowledged by email.

Shortlisted entries will be notified by email.

Entrants associated with a Global Alliance COMM PRIX Awards judge may still enter the awards, but the judge concerned will not take part in the judging process for the entries involved.