Entry Guidelines


Public Relations and Communications Programs


  1. Submit a copy of your original entry that was honored by the member association of Global Alliance along with any supporting materials.
  2. Provide answers to these five questions with up to 250 words per answer
    • How does the program advance the stakeholder relationships the entry describes as essential to the organization? For example, what difference did the communications work make to the internal and/or external stakeholders as well as to the organization?

    • How does the program reflect the analysis key stakeholders’ needs and expectations as well as the difference the relationships make to the organization? For example, what analysis of internal and/or external stakeholders did the organization conduct before developing its approach to the challenge? How did this analysis influence the direction the organization selected

    • How does the communication approach advance these relationships based on objectives and stakeholder needs the entry describes? For example, what outcomes did the communication approach seek to achieve? How did the communications approach impact the stakeholders and the organization?

    • How effectively does this work offer helpful lessons for other communicators around the world? For example, what difference could your approach make to an organization in a different place with a different challenge?

    • How meaningful, original, practical and lasting would you consider this communication effort? For example, what does your communication approach, and the lessons of your program, contribute to the advancement of the public relations/communications profession?

  3. Place all entry materials into a PDF document with a maximum size of 18 MB and submit it.
  4. Pay the entry fee.


Academic Case Studies


Studies should:

  1. Be topical and relevant to current public relations issues in more than one country
  2. Engage in order to deliver an interesting learning experience in the classroom
  3. Support the professionalization of public relations and communications management and adhere to the standards of case studies as described by ecch (http://www.ecch.com/educators/submitcases/guidance/resources) and/or Harvard Business School (http://www.hbs.edu/teaching/case-method-in-practice/resources/case-writing.html


To enter:

  1. Submit a narrative case study written in English. There is no limit to the number of pages
  2. Submit a teaching note written in English
  3. Pay the entry fee