Entry Process


Step 1: Assemble the needed files


Before creating an entry, assemble all the needed files.

  • For public relations and communication management programmes, entrants should provide the original entry that won a GA member award scheme and a one-page COMM PRIX summary that explains how the programme advanced the essential relationships involved.
  • For academic case studies, entrants should submit a narrative case study written in English and a teaching note written in English.


For more details, please read the entry guidelines.



Step 2: Create a new entry


  • Complete all fields of the entry submission form accurately and in full.
  • The entrant is project lead who has worked on the project and is submitting for him/herself or for the project team. The entrant named must be the primary lead on the project.
  • Upload the files.


All entries should include the following information:

  • The title of your entry.
  • The name of the organization.
  • The name of the author(s), if submitting an academic case study.
  • The university or institution, if submitting an academic case study.



Step 3: Submit and pay entry


  • Review your information for accuracy and make the necessary updates.
  • Select the entry fee.
  • If you wish to pay by bank transfer, check the corresponding box.
  • Check the box that indicates you agree with the Terms and Conditions of participation.
  • Click the Submit button and proceed to payment either by credit card or bank transfer.


If you pay by credit card, a confirmation email will be sent to you after you have submitted and paid for your entry.


If you pay by bank transfer, a confirmation email with the Global Alliance bank details will be sent to you after you have submitted your entry. You will receive the related invoice as payment acknowledgement receipt. 


At this point, you have successfully completed your entry. 


For any queries, please contact info@globalalliancepr.org

Download the entry process in PDF.