Excellence in Corporate Public Relations

The Global Alliance is a registered NGO at the United Nations and it is active with several other international organizations relevant to the future of public relations. The GA’s global scope enables it to share best practices and news of other advances through these relationships and its own initiatives.


The latest GA cooperative study is the Enel/GA report “Who Has Seen The Future?”, presented at the World Public Relations Forum 2012

Excellence in Corporate Public Relations

This study on corporate communications excellence examined and compared in-depth how five major companies have tackled the many challenges of today’s social media dominated environment, including how to align communications activities across continents and how CSR is a ‘way of life’ in successful organizations. Moreover, it explored the critical role played by an open and transparent corporate culture in achieving goals and objectives and facilitates change. An additional four companies were singled out for best practices in several areas  of practice.


The Global Alliance invites corporate communications leaders to share their best practices on the Excellence in Corporate Public Relations microsite and is prepared to explore tailored cooperative studies similar to “Who Has Seen The Future?”. For more information on such cooperative programs, please contact info@globalalliancepr.org.


Download the Enel/GA report

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