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How Public Relations and Communications Advance Relationships: COMM PRIX 2016


Any public relations and communications approach is only as valuable as the relationships it strengthens. And every organization relies on relationships with essential stakeholders.


That’s why, at the Global Alliance, we believe that strengthening relationships is the significant difference our profession makes. And, because of what our profession contributes, COMM PRIX 2016 will celebrate the impact of public relations and communications on an organization’s relationships with essential stakeholders.



COMM PRIX 2016 is a global awards program to honor the best of the work in communications and public relations to advance an organization’s relationships with essential stakeholders.



Entry deadline – for work generated in 2015 and 2016 – will be February 15, 2016. Early bird entry fees are available through November 30, 2015.



COMM PRIX 2016 is open to any winning entry from an awards program in 2015 or 2016 from one of the member associations in the Global Alliance. Any winner in any category of any member association awards program is eligible.

The competition for academic case studies – as detailed below - is open to any academician who wishes to submit. While COMM PRIX is open to winners of other awards programs, any academic case study may be entered. Academic case studies will be judged separately from COMM PRIX.



The process is easy. There’s no need to re-do the entry. Simply submit the winning entry from the original awards program along with answers to the following five questions:


  1. How does the program advance the stakeholder relationships the entry describes as essential to the organization? For example, what difference did the communications work make to the internal and/or external stakeholders as well as to the organization?
  2. How does the program reflect the analysis key stakeholders’ needs and expectations as well as the difference the relationships make to the organization? For example, what analysis of internal and/or external stakeholders did the organization conduct before developing its approach to the challenge? How did this analysis influence the direction the organization selected?
  3. How does the communication approach advance these relationships based on objectives and stakeholder needs the entry describes? For example, what outcomes did the communication approach seek to achieve? How did the communications approach impact the stakeholders and the organization?
  4. How effectively does this work offer helpful lessons for other communicators around the world? For example, what difference could your approach make to an organization in a different place with a different challenge?
  5. How meaningful, original, practical and lasting would you consider this communication effort? For example, what does your communication approach, and the lessons of your program, contribute to the advancement of the public relations/communications profession?


Entries will be judged by international public relations and communication professionals and academics.



Ten COMM PRIX winners for 2016 will be featured at the World Public Relations Forum in Toronto in June 2016. From these winners, a SUPREME COMM PRIX winner will be announced at the conference.


With COMM PRIX 2016, the Global Alliance takes an important step to recognize work that advances stakeholder relationships. After all, that’s what effective public relations and communication management is all about.


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