Global Alliance Board Committees 2013-2014

Pursuant to the mission and the goals of the Global Alliance, the Board of Directors created the following specialized committees to assist in preparing its decisions. Their respective areas of responsibility are set out in the internal guidelines of the Board of Directors. All committees periodically report to the Board of Directors on their activity.


The Chair of the Board holds ex officio membership of all committees and Cross cutting projects.



Standing Committees


Executive Committee

Chair: GA Chair Anne Gregory

Members: Daniel Tisch, Bill Murray, Catherine Arrow, Gregor Halff, Regina Pinna-Marfurt


Finance & Fundrising Committee

Chair: GA Treasurer William Murray

Members: Daniel Tisch, Regina Pinna-Marfurt, José Manuel Velasquez, Biagio Oppi


Research & Education Committee

Chair: Judy VanSlyke Turk (Co-Chair) and Gregor Halff (Co-Chair until 2014)

Members: Adele Paulsen, Mark Schumann

Meeting dates: Tuesday, September 3, 2013; Tuesday, October 1, 2013; Tuesday, November 5, 2013; Tuesday, December 3, 2013; Tuesday, January 7, 2014; Tuesday, February 4, 2014; Tuesday, March 4, 2014; Tuesday, April 1, 2014; Tuesday, May 6, 2014.


Communications & Member Services Committee

Chair: GA Secretary Catherine Arrow (until 2014); Gregor Halff (from 2014)

Members: Therese Manus, Dorothee Hutter, Mateus Furlanetto, Jeffrey Naqvi, Mark Schumann

Meeting dates: Friday, August 9, 2013; Friday, October 11, 2013; Friday, November 15, 2013; Friday January 10, 2014; Friday, March 14, 2014; Friday, May 9, 2014



Governance and cross-cutting projects


World Public Relations Forum 2014 

Daniel Tisch, José Manuel Velasco, Biagio Oppi


World Public Relations Forum 2014 Research Colloquium 

Anne Gregory, Gregor Halff


World Public Relations Forum 2015 

Daniel Tisch, William Murray, Gregor Halff


Global Survey 

Anne Gregory, Mateus Furlanetto


International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) 

Anne Gregory, Daniel Tisch


Melbourne Mandate Advocacy

Daniel Tisch, Catherine Arrow