Global Alliance History

The history of the Global Alliance 

The Global Alliance formally started operating in July 2002, after a pre-formation period of six years, from 1996 to 2002.


There were 25 GA founding members including all major associations.


Key milestone events in the history of the Global Alliance are the adoption of a global code of ethics, a benchmarking of accreditation programs resulting in the agreement on seven global core competencies, research in curriculum guidelines and eight editions of the World Public Relations Forum (WPRF), the signature program of the Global Alliance where Public Relations and Communication professionals from around the world gather to examine major issues affecting the profession and affected by the profession.


The first WPRF was held in Rome in 2003, then in Trieste in 2005, in Brasilia in 2006, in Cape Town in 2007, in London in 2008, in Stockholm in 2010, in Melbourne in 2012 and in Madrid in 2014. The ninth edition of the World Public Relations Forum will be held in Toronto, Canada, in 2016.


For more details on the Global Alliance history, download the historical timeline.


Global Alliance executive boards and council members

From 1996 to October 2000, there was no formal governance structure. Organisations took turns hosting meetings - usually as part of larger conferences. In 1997 IPR (UK) hosted, in 1998 PRSA hosted, in 1999 it was IABC’s turn. Then during an IPRA world congress/PRSA international conference in 2000, Deanna Pelfrey of PRSA became the interim chair as she agreed to lead discussions forward with a small group of close collaborators (working group leaders) which later became recognized as the interim leadership: Deanna Pelfrey (PRSA), Catherine Bolton (PRSA), Jean Valin (CPRS), Margaret Moscardi (PRISA), Colin Farrington (IPR), John Gallagher (PRII).


Call for nominations for the first elected board and officers were launched in late Spring 2002 which resulted in the election of six officers. To allow for continuity, all were for a two year term (end date was end of calendar year at that time-now it is at the time of the Annual General Meeting) with the exception of Chair and Chair-elect positions, which were set at one year exceptionally for this first election. 


The current board was appointed on June 2013 during the Global Alliance Annual General Meeting in Helsinki and it formally took office starting from July 1 2013. Anne Gregory is the current Global Alliance Chair, Gregor Halff is the Chair-Elect and Daniel Tisch is the Immediate Past-Chair.


For more details on the Global Alliance executive boards and council members, download the historical overview.