Global Knowledge

This section contains the most significant projects that the Global Alliance has initiated over the last five years. 


The Madrid Momentum

At the 2014 World Public Relations Forum in Madrid, delegates contributed their ideas about how public relations and communication professionals could be leaders not just in building communicative organisations, but also in contributing to their own societies. The universal principles that emerged from the dialogue represent the foundations of the Madrid Momentum.



Global GAP Survey

Announced in 2013, the Global GAP Survey is a project of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management and the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. It is the world’s first ongoing global study of public relations and communication management practice.

Project Leader: Anne Gregory



The Melbourne Mandate

The Melbourne Mandate is a call to action of new areas of value for public relations and communication management in three main spheres, the character of the organization and its values, the ability of the organization to listen – and its culture and the responsibility of practitioners to society, the organization, their profession and themselves.

The final Melbourne Mandate document has been announced at the 7th World Public Relations Forum in Melbourne (November 18-20, 2012), where almost 800 delegates from 29 countries endorsed the statement.

Project Leaders: Daniel Tisch, Anne Gregory

Project Co-ordinators: Daniel Tisch, Jean Valin



Excellence in Corporate Public Relations

The Global Alliance is a registered NGO at the United Nations and it is active with several other international organizations relevant to the future of public relations. The GA’s global scope enables it to share best practices and news of other advances through these relationships and its own initiatives. 

Project Leaders: Jean Valin, John Paluszek



Measurement in Public Relations 

Strongly recognizing the value of measurement in the practice of public relations, the Global Alliance provides its active contribution in the discussion at an international level as a participating organization of the Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards (Coalition), formed in 2012.

Project Leader: William Murray



The Stockholm Accords

The Stockholm Accords, which defined the role for public relations within organizations, came from a similar global consultation. The results were announced in Stockholm in 2010.

Project Leaders: Daniel Tisch, Toni Muzi Falconi



The Curriculum Project

Establishing the core elements for public relations curricula was the focus of the Curriculum project.

Project Leader: John Paluszek



The Credentials Project

The Credentials project examined what various professional bodies require so that practitioners can become professionally qualified.

Project Leader: Leonard Pierrette



Ethical Public Relations & Trainings

Ethical public relations covers the code of ethics that each professional association has to agree to before it can become a member of the Global Alliance and the training section provides details of approved training courses.

Project Leader: Jean Valin