Internal Communications

Entries submitted to this category are programs targeted specifically to special publics directly allied with an organization, such as employees, members, affiliated dealers and franchisees.


Winner of COMM PRIX Award

Guardian Holdings Ltd and AKADREM, Inc

One Group, One Team: Guardian Group's Internal Rebranding


Our new brand is actually derived from our new strategic direction, our new vision and mission. Our new brand is a manifestation, a visual representation of a new internal state of being. But until we would have achieved this new internal state of being, which is the alignment of our vision, image and corporate culture, we could not have succeeded in re-branding the Group, regardless of the effectiveness of external communications, new signage, logo and so on. It is for this reason we paid meticulous attention to our internal stakeholders and sought to engage them fully in the process, which in the end, yielded tremendous results and success for our rebranding efforts.


Jeffrey Mack
Group CEO, Guardian Holdings Ltd.


Winner of Award of Distinction

Bacardi-Martini, Inc.

Bacardi Celebrates 150 Years of Bringing People Together 


"Very few companies have the opportunity to celebrate 150 years of exceptional stories, people and successes. Our global integrated communications campaign for the 150th anniversary of Bacardi was a tremendously inspiring project that allowed our team to execute with excellence. We appreciate, and are humbled by, the recognition from the Global Alliance."


Eric Kraus
Senior Vice President, Chief Communications and Corporate Affairs Officer