Measurement in Public Relations

Rigorous measurement and evaluation are essential components when it comes to identifying the true value of public relations and they are also two critical elements among public relations’ professional competencies.


Measuring PR effectiveness is a complex but necessary process in the practice of public relations allowing to account for the value of social media, to calculate the return on investment and to quantify intangible assets like relationships.

Measurement coalition

Strongly recognizing the value of measurement, the Global Alliance provides its active contribution in this discussion at an international level as a participating organization of the Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards (Coalition).


The Coalition was formed in 2012 to define a broad platform of standards and best practices for public relations research, measurement and evaluation. The Coalition brings together the following leadership organizations in public relations: the Public Relations Society of America, the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication, the Institute for Public Relations, the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, the Council of Public Relations Firms and The Conclave.


Together, the Coalition has created a series of webpages to facilitate the development and adoption of industry-wide standards for public relations research and measurement.


The first set of proposed interim standards has been released by the Coalition in October 2013 and will be tested by General Electric, McDonald’s USA, General Motors and Southwest Airlines, four companies that are major buyers of public relations research and measurement services. These proposed standards cover the following fields:


Traditional Media Measurement


Social Media Measurement


Return on Investment


Communications Lifecycle


These proposed standards are accessible also at, where public relations professionals and other interested parties can comment and provide their feedback.


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