Public Affairs

Entries submitted to this category are programs specifically designed to influence public policy and/or affect legislation, regulations, political activities or candidacies so that the entity funding the program benefits.


Winner of COMM PRIX Award

Tahdon 2013

Tahdon 2013


We submitted our campaign to the Global Alliance COMM PRIX Awards program as we believe this campaign is of significant importance not only in Finland, but also at the global scale. The cause of the campaign, equal marriage rights, is current in many countries worldwide. By participating the COMM PRIX program we embraced yet another opportunity to get the important message through to international audiences. COMM PRIX winners represent excellence in PR, and we as voluntary campaign leaders are honored to be recognized for our work by global high level PR professionals.” 


Senni Moilanen
Chair of the Board


Tahdon2013 campaign group received the Global Alliance COMM PRIX Awards 2013 for the best program in the Public Affairs category at ProCom's Christmas dinner in Helsinki.
The Award was presented by Therese Manus Honningstad, GA Board Member.