Reputation/Brand Management/CSR

Entries submitted to this category are programs that enhance, promote or improve the reputation of an organization with its publics or key elements of its publics, either proactively or in response to an issue, event or market occurrence.


Winner of COMM PRIX Award

ANZ New Zealand

The New ANZ


The campaign demonstrated the power of strong and integrated communications in playing a key role in a business critical change.”


Peter Parussini,
Head of Corporate Affairs 


Winners of the Global Alliance COMM PRIX Awards 2013 from New Zealand received their Award at PRINZ Christmas event.
Left to right: they are Andrew Park and Paul Carlee from ANZ New Zealand, winner of the Reputation/Brand Management category, and Anthony Frith from NZ Transport Agency, winner of the Issues Management category.



Winner of COMM PRIX Award

Nanyang Technological University

A global university on the rise


"Research should be the bedrock of all communication programmes. At NTU, we take formative and evaluation research as seriously as the planning and implementation of our communication programme. 

The entry requirements of the Global Alliance COMM PRIX Awards were rigorous, which shows it demands only for programmes with the highest standards of professionalism. We had won the Singapore award and participating in the COMM PRIX Awards allows us to benchmark our NTU communications programme with the best in the world."


Dr Vivien Chiong
Director, Corporate Communications Office