Vision, Mission & Values


The Global Alliance's vision is to enhance the role and value of public relations and communication management to organizations, and to global society. We pursue this vision through leadership and service to the profession, defining universal principles that unite our professional associations and their members, while embracing a diversity that enables different applications in different parts of our global community.




The mission of the Global Alliance is:

  • To unify the public relations profession
  • To raise its professional standards all over the world
  • To share knowledge for the benefit of our members
  • To be the global voice for public relations in the public interest




Cooperation and Teamwork

Working mostly by projects, the Global Alliance has a cooperative nature and its deliverables are made by outstanding association’s leaders and professionals who commit themselves to the profession engaging in teamwork.


Professionalism and Credibility

The Global Alliance seeks to increase the professionalism at several levels. By supporting its member associations, the GA commits to a better professionalism in serving the professionals’ interests and by promoting standards and guidelines, it also gives a positive contribute to overall professionalism in the practice of communication management and to its credibility.



The Global Alliance is at the forefront of the representation of PR and communication management as a profession in which the importance of ethical behaviors is unquestionable. The development of a Global Protocol on Ethics for Public Relations and the requirement that all GA members ratify it demonstrates a powerful commitment with Integrity as a professional value and it offers a valuable resource to national associations.


Innovation and Change

The Global Alliance is committed to produce changes through innovation. The new on-line infrastructure for developing projects and services and for making our knowledge available is contributing to the development of a worldwide community which is shaping the future of our profession.


Openness and dialogue

Believing that a fundamental trait of communication management is to make organizations more able to dialogue and understand the environment in which they operate, the Global Alliance thrives to reach out to PR leaders as well as to leaders from other fields of professional practice to increase their awareness of PR and communication management and to engage in fruitful and positive relationships with them.