Global Communications Report


The Global Alliance is proud to present you the first ever Global Communications Report jointly conducted with the University of Southern California’s Center for Public Relations , the Holmes Report, the Institute for Public Relations, the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication, the PR Council, theWorldcom PR Group and PRSA

Members from all over the world responded to the survey and made this a truly global initiative.

Please read the Press Release of the Global Communications Report here.
The new Global Communications Report provides unprecedented insight into the evolution of the global communication industry by analysing emerging trends in talent, structure, compensation and diversity on both the client and agency sides of our global industry. More importantly, the Report helps those entering the PR industry better understand the skills and traits they will need to be successful in our dynamic profession and across markets.

The detailed results were presented at the World Public Relations Forum in Toronto on 29 may 2016. 

First Global gap survey - 2014

The results of the first GAP Survey were announced at the 2014 World Public Relations Forum in Madrid. This first edition saw the participation of six country partners: Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and United States.

The GAP survey analyses current practices, trends and new developments in the profession, providing country data and comparative analysis of the practice between countries and continents. This survey provides a multinational perspective of how the public relations and communication management profession is evolving in different settings and will help to chart its development in the years to come.

The GAP survey contains a range of common questions to provide global benchmark information, but also can be customised by each participating country so that they can obtain specific information for their own purposes. In a context where the public relations and communication management profession is growing and changing, this Global GAP survey is expected to develop into the most important reference point for the profession in the coming years.