Global Alliance seeks candidates for Board

As the Global Alliance enters its 18th year of service to the international public relations and communication management profession, we extend an invitation for senior leaders to become candidates for the Global Alliance Board.

You may submit a nomination by identifying a potential leader from your organization or region who meets the eligibility requirements given below and has both the skill and the passion to move forwards and support our profession. 

Candidates for the following positions on the Global Alliance Board are to be elected at the 2018 Global Alliance Annual General Meeting and Board Meeting in Oslo, Norway on Saturday, April 21, 2018.

Nominations for the following positions must come from a GA National Association in good standing:

- Chair-Elect, for a one-year term to June 30, 2019;

- Treasurer, for a one-year term to June 30, 2019;

- Delegates-at-Large (2) for a two-year term to June 30, 2020;

- Delegate (1) for a one-year term to June 30, 2019; and

- Regional Delegates-at-Large (3) for a one-year term to June 30, 2019; these regional positions are designed to ensure representation from all continents, including emerging economies. The available positions are for Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Any self-nomination must have the support of the candidate’s GA member association. It is important to note that once elected, he/she will serve as a member of a unitary board, with primary fiduciary duty to the entire Global Alliance membership. Should he/she leave the Board, it should not be assumed the position will be filled by a nominee from the same organization. The Board may also fill a vacancy between annual meetings as per the GA Bylaws.

Please note that some incumbents may be eligible for re-election.


Nominations/applications, in the form of a summary outline or narrative of qualifications, should be submitted to the GA Nominations Committee Chair, Gregor Halff via the GA General Secretariat (

Interested individuals are encouraged to contact the Nominations Chair for further guidance.

Individuals may seek election to any position; however, the Committee reserves the right, after discussion with candidates, to recommend individuals for different positions as circumstances dictate.



To be eligible, a candidate must be:

- A senior public relations/communication management professional; member in good standing and/or senior executive of a GA member association; with a strong network in the industry and/or academia.

- Well-versed in GA objectives and supportive of its broad goals.

- Able to work in a highly diverse, multicultural environment.

- Be proficient in business English as the GA’s working language.

- Supported by a nomination from his/her GA member organization.

- Be self-funding (or secure financial support).

- Have access to additional resources to lay at the disposal of the GA, for example, financial, research capability and sponsorship.

- To participate in up to six teleconferences per year and attend in person at least two GA meetings per year (one Executive Board meeting and the Annual General Meeting). Board members are also expected to participate in the bi-annual World Public Relations Forum, which will next take place in Oslo, Norway in 2018 (22nd – 24th April).

- Willing to accept assignments and make significant contribution to a hard-working Board.

- Willing and able to promote the GA within his/her region, including making invitations to potential partners and sponsors.

- Be able to add value beyond their individual contribution.

The deadline for submitting a completed nomination/application is March 6, 2018.

PR talent just ‘good enough’? Don’t feign surprise

PR talent just ‘good enough’? Don’t feign surprise

PR talent just ‘good enough’? Don’t feign surprise

Is our country unique, or do others face the same challenges? This is the most frequent question I get asked at public relations conferences in every continent. The conferences change (most recently organized by our members CPRP in Argentina, 1 September; the PRomise Foundation in India, 23-24 September, and the Institute of Public Relations in Singapore, 13 October), but the question remains the same. And so does my answer...

Does public relations really matter?

Does public relations really matter?

Does public relations really matter? I have rarely been as optimistic as after the World Public Relations Forum 2016 that was co-hosted by the Canadian Public Relations Association and the Global Alliance in Toronto last month: While nationalism and nativism are on the rise globally, we spent 3 days exploring how to improve ‘Communications Across Cultures’.

Global Communications Report

Global Communications Report

Global Communications Report

The new Global Communications Report provides unprecedented insight into the evolution of the global communication industry by analysing emerging trends in talent, structure, compensation and diversity on both the client and agency sides of our global industry. More importantly, the Report helps those entering the PR industry better understand the skills and traits they will need to be successful in our dynamic profession and across markets.

The detailed results were presented at the World Public Relations Forum in Toronto on 29 may 2016.