World Public Relations Forum 2010 - Stockholm

The 6th World Public Relations Forum was held on June 15-16 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. The event was hosted by the Swedish Public Relations Association in partnership with the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management. 

At the World Public Relations Forum delegates endorsed the Stockholm Accords, a bold call to action on the role of public relations in today’s global networked society and a two year brief for a public relations program to be implemented by the global professional community.


The final text was agreed after months of development, involving around 1,000 professionals in various virtual spaces, and during the ‘face-to-face’ deliberations at the World Public Relations Forum in Stockholm. Participants came from across the world and from all walks of practice – practitioners, academics, internal communicators, corporate specialists, students and many others. The discussion has been, quite genuinely, a global one, and, it continues today in many spaces.
Click here to download the Stokholm Accords. 


During the Forum, delegates interacted with a long list of visionary speakers, with a capstone address by Dr. Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.


Other guest speakers included Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt; Global Reporting Initiative chair Mervyn King; Bjorn Edlund, former vice president of communications at Royal Dutch Shell; social media expert Brian Solis; and Peje Emilsson, executive chairman of Kreab Gavin Anderson.