The Global Capabilities Framework Project 

This is a multi-year, two-phased project supported by a mandate given by our members at the Annual General Meeting 2014.

The first phase concluded with a compilation of the current most prevalent knowledge and behavioural items as defined in national professional standards and in numerous workshops with association and industry leaders in all continents.

In a second phase, this GBOK document forms the basis for further consultations with GA member associations and with leading public relations scholars. We will conceptually explore if the knowledge and behavioural items in public relations can be expanded into a global capabilities framework (with local flexibility) that may serve to raise the standards of public relations in the years to come.

Here you can find the full Global Capabilities Framework Project.

Other downloads:

Please read the GBOK introduction to find out more about the project, consult the KSAB list and leave your comments in the section provided below. Global Alliance project leaders are also available for webinars and seminars to present and discuss the draft KSA list.

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